John McAfee (yes, him) on security and Android

John McAfee believes you need to either fight for your privacy or risk extinction.

A last minute change to the schedule at the Big Android BBQ this year looked almost like a joke on behalf of the event staff this year, but sure enough on Thursday afternoon a room at the Hurst Convention Center overflowed with people eager to hear the one and only John McAfee — namesake of the ubiquitous software suite — talk about users paying closer attention to personal security and being aware of just how important privacy is.

The core of the talk was a focus on Google not taking responsibility for apps that request far more permissions than they need, and users installing apps without much consideration for what those apps have access to. While several parts of McAfee’s platform seemed out of date, that didn’t stop him from pushing out his larger message.

According to McAfee, those who are unable to adapt to the technology in front of them and accept privacy as a personal responsibility are eventually going to find themselves removed from the gene pool. It’s a strong message, and especially with Android 6.0 being delivered all over the world this week merited a few follow-up questions.

So we sat down with McAfee to get some more details.

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