Examining the possibility of an Android-only strategy across phones, tablets, laptops and desktops

Consolidating resources and letting the more successful OS take over may make the most sense.

If you’ve followed the story of Google’s concurrent management of both Android and Chrome OS, you’ve likely wondered how (or even if) their paths may converge at some point in the future. A report out of the Wall Street Journal claims that convergence may be little more than a year away, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

While Chrome OS and Android operate in separate arenas on different types of devices, their interconnection and convergence has been signaled since Sundar Pichai took over management of both teams in 2013 before leaving that job to take the Google CEO role and appointing Hiroshi Lockheimer to take the combined duties.

The story has it that Chrome OS will "fold" into Android and the new-and-improved Android will run on a variety of devices, including traditional laptop and desktop hardware. Is it that crazy to think that it’d work? Let’s discuss.

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